Liam Klenk Paralian

About the Author

Liam Klenk was born in Central Europe and has since lived on four continents. Liam has always been engaged in creative pursuits, ranging from photography and graphic design, to writing short stories and poetry, to working in theatre and shows. In 2016, Liam published his first book and memoir, ‘Paralian’.

Who are we without dreams and passion? My aim is to live life to the fullest.
I’ve chosen a life of accumulating experiences instead of material goods.
My path is immediate, vivid, full of uncertainties and surprises…
I work, I study, and I treasure the presence of my four-legged companions. In my free time, I travel to see as much of the world and its diversity as possible.

The story of my memoir, ‘Paralian: Not Just Transgender’:

Paralian [Pa`ra´li`an – one who lives by the sea]

The inspiring, true story of an orphan who overcomes being born in the wrong body – amongst other challenges – and makes the world his home.

Paralian is a transgender story like no other, covering this timely topic with a new angle, positive, vivid, in a coming-of-age saga, an odyssey through several countries, bodies of water and life circumstances. Full of hope, honesty, humour, and transcendence.

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Paralian is available as paperback and ebook from:
(and all the other Amazon stores around the world)
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and others…


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