About the Author

Who are we without dreams and passion? My aim is to live life to the fullest.
I’ve chosen a life of experiencing, rather than owning anything. My path is immediate, vivid, full of uncertainties and surprises…
I work, I study, and I treasure the presence of my four-legged companions. In my free time, I travel to see as much of the world and its diversity as possible.

The story of my memoir, ‘Paralian: Not Just Transgender’:

Paralian [Pa`ra´li`an – one who lives by the sea]

The inspiring, true story of an orphan who overcomes being born in the wrong body – amongst other challenges – and makes the world his home.

Paralian is a transgender story like no other, covering this timely topic with a new angle, positive, vivid, in a coming-of-age saga, an odyssey through several countries, bodies of water and life circumstances. Full of hope, honesty, humour, and transcendence.

Click here to read a whole bunch of great personal reviews from Paralian‘s readers!

Paralian is available as paperback and ebook from:
(and all the other Amazon stores around the world)
Apple iBooks Store
and others…


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