An Aspiring Writer

2014 sleeping with the boys

Being a writer is fascinating. At first I was only able to write in total quiet and isolation. The slightest distraction threw me off balance. Now, I am more focused. I am getting more done. My writing is developing and I can see a stark contrast between the first few chapters I wrote and the subsequent ones…
My dream is to keep writing, get ever better, and hopefully in a few years be able to live full time as a writer. There is so much I can imagine writing about. I love reading fiction, but concerning my own writing, I am more interested in reality – people’s lives, struggles, and courage.
My notebook accompanies me wherever I go – either in electronic form on my iPhone, or in the form of Hemingway’s favorite notebooks. Thoughts come and go, some of them seemingly important… but if I don’t capture them immediately, they slip my mind as quickly as they materialized seconds earlier. Sleeping in, and cuddling with my loved ones in the morning helps to get me off to a good start. I have incredibly vivid dreams since I started writing.
A few hours of reading a book follow. Being a writer, I am still the crazed bookworm I always was, easily devouring three books a week.
My own first book is slowly shaping up. I am writing parallel on my 2nd and 3rd drafts. It’s a good life and I am profoundly happy.

4 thoughts on “An Aspiring Writer

  1. theveganmuffinwoman

    I’ve always thought of myself as a writer , but realized recently that it isn’t quite fair to do so if I don’t get any writing done. I recently started this blog to write about SOMETHING. It ended up being vegan baking for me. Do you set goals for how often you write a day? I hope to be a full time writer someday, too, and my life goal is to write a book. Maybe I should carry around a notebook. I usually use my phone but that can be distracting. Happy writing!

    1. liamklenk Post author

      thank you! one thing i realized very quickly when i started my book in October last year was that i couldn’t wait to be inspired. i needed to write every day even if i didn’t feel like it and after a while it flowed.
      i have my notebook with me all the time – or my notes on my phone. very often, an important memory or thought for my book hits me. then i need to stop all i am doing and write it down as quick as possible, because otherwise it gets lost… whatever i write down on my phone gets transferred to my notebook in the evening.
      i write five days a week now and give myself 2 days “off”.
      go for it! writing is exhausting at times, but really great! now that i am having a taste i don’t think i ever want to live without it again…


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