Let’s Dream Big

2015 liam going to london book fair

I am going to the London Book Fair in April! And I am so excited! Receiving my eBadge, I felt like a little kid catching a glimpse of a bag full of colorful marbles… and soon I’ll go and play.
This is going to sound very nerdy but all my life I have dreamed of once attending a big book show like this. I just never imagined I actually would one day, least of all wearing a badge stating “Liam Klenk – Author”.
I hope so much I’ll be able to talk with some people and get a foot in the door somewhere. So many books are developing in my mind, just waiting to sprout, grow and blossom. Let’s dream big. First my manuscript for “The Fortunate Nomad” needs to find a way out there, and then the sky’s the limit.

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