Two years of hard work and tenacity condensed in one page…


Lots to learn for me while publishing ‪#‎Paralian‬. Here is the AI – the Advanced Information Sheet, written by my amazing PR company ‪#‎LiterallyPR‬. Thanks so much Sam and Helen!
It’s a first glimpse for potentially interested media smile emoticon
I’ll share it with you too, because, quite frankly Sam did such a fabulous job summing up my story, I could never have done it any better. We’re on our way ladies and gentlemen… for starters: two years of hard work and tenacity condensed in one page!

#Paralian #LiamKlenk #notjusttrans #LiterallyPR #odyssey #memoirs #lifeisbeautiful #nevergiveup #happy

2 thoughts on “Two years of hard work and tenacity condensed in one page…

  1. Sue

    Just read the information sheet … Wow! You really have a story to tell. Can’t wait to read the book. Well done Liam! Hugs, Sue

    1. liamklenk Post author

      thanks so much Sue 🙂 it’s been my dream to write this for a very long time. I am just going to honestly tell my story, without wanting to educate people or anything. But I think my story should be out there… and maybe it’ll change some people’s perspective a little bit and maybe not 🙂 I am curious what will happen…
      Many many years ago a book I read really opened my eyes. Now I can give back to the world a little 🙂


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