King for a Day

2016 liam dreikoenigskuchen

One thing I’ve always loved about living and traveling abroad is that you pick up a lot of quirky little customs from each place you’ve been to. Today is “Holy Three Kings” day here in Zurich. On this day, bakeries make a special “Kings” cake, consisting of usually nine individual little sweet breads, joined together to form a shape that looks like a flower on steroids. Everyone goes and buys one of these ‘cakes’ and then people eat them together. One of the breads has a tiny plastic king hidden inside of it (which is why people gently nibble the little round delicacies so as not to lose any molars). The person whose bread shelters the king becomes royalty of the day and gets to wear the golden paper crown all bakeries deliver with each ‘cake’ as well. So guess who almost lost a tooth today in our little family?

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