LGBT History Month: Not Just Transgender

And here right away another press release from LiterallyPR (thanks so much Helen, Sam and Diana) this time focussing more on the transgender/LGBT side of things…

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Press Release
LGBT History Month: Not Just Transgender

London, United Kingdom, Thursday 14thJanuary 2016: Liam Klenk’s powerful, distinctive memoir Paralian: Not Just Transgender takes a holistic approach to recounting his tumultuous life that includes his identity as a transgender man, a child of adoption, scuba diver in the world’s biggest aquatic show and an international traveller. This LGBT month (February 2016) he is ready to celebrate the greater inclusion of transgender people in society whilst questioning how much we are ready to see transgender people as individuals.

[image]Paralian: Not Just Transgender covers in depth his journey from being born a girl to becoming a man in his early 20s, the process by which, when he was a young adult, he found out he had been adopted at five months old, his journey around the world working for performance groups in and out of the water, and ultimately how…

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