Arrival in Paradise

2006 sunny c-block

A little taste of ‘Paralian’ from my time in the Maldives… Arrival in paradise…

“The staff accommodation set up was very amusing. I was reminded of Alcatraz as Judith showed me A-Block, B-Block, and C-Block as each small accumulation of staff rooms was called. My solitary confinement dwelling was located in C-Block, a long L-shaped building with many small doors, leading to very small rooms. Judith and her partner Rowan had secured an air conditioning unit for my little sanctuary. Some other people were bound to leave soon. I hoped to scrounge a few pieces of furniture and decorations from them. As I stood in the doorway of C-7 I realized that there wasn’t much need for decorations since there was hardly any space for them. Each of our rooms was about six square meters, with barely enough room to squeeze between the queen-sized bed, night table and wardrobe to reach the bathroom door.”

Launching on May 28, 2016! You can already preorder from Troubador, Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, and the Apple ibooks store.

6 thoughts on “Arrival in Paradise

  1. liamklenk Post author

    you’ll have it 2 months before everyone else 🙂 the only thing I’d ask is that once you finish, you help me out by writing a book review (even if just a short one) and put it on my book’s page in Amazon and Goodreads. Send me your email address to I’ll send you the code! xoxo

  2. Jean-Marie Tholl

    Happy but also proud to be one of those who shared the C-Block living… from cutting others hair to sharing a “fondue” outside… what memories ! Always in my head, always in my heart and so hard to resist the urge to “just go back” and forget the rest…


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