A Maldivian Evening

2009 riding shoulders boat crew dinner

Here another little taste of Paralian, just for you… only 20 more days until official launch!

“It was a glorious evening. Everyone was touched. Captain Ismail had whittled a beautiful scale-model dhoni for me, so I would never forget my life on the remodeled Maldivian fishing boats. Anecdotes were exchanged, most rather unfavorable of me – such as the full-day trip when I had decided to take a dump in the dhoni’s head just as we stopped to pick up a group of divers. My turds had floated right by them, creating a memory to amuse boat crews for years to come.
After dinner, the boat crews broke out in song and carried me on their shoulders. For an instant, I was concerned they might be able to feel the absent penis between my legs. Then I told myself to stop being silly, relax, and enjoy the moment. After all, I had always been safe in their capable hands. We shared tea and ate more delicious reef fish, celebrating our mutual respect until very late.” (Excerpt from Chapter 27 – Noonu Atoll)

Paralian is available for preorder from Apple iBooks store, Troubador.co.uk, Amazon.co.uk (and other countries), Waterstones, and WHSmith.

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