Heading into Cerulean Blue


A long-awaited vacation is coming up… this exhausted author urgently needs two weeks of sunshine and ocean! But before I head out, I wanted to extend a BIG THANK YOU to all of you.
These past 10 days, you’ve all helped so much to push my Bored Panda story.

Because of your support, your multiple shares, likes and up-votes we’ve managed to reach 10’000 people so far!!! That is incredible. I’m humbled. Thank you for caring and being there!
It seems it still wasn’t quite enough to reach the numbers Bored Panda requires for a featured story. But it doesn’t matter. We did our best and got farther than I ever dreamed possible. People are still looking at the page as we speak.

I received countless messages, ranging from heartfelt thank you notes for sharing my story, to people seeking advice, to others writing scorching hate mail. Well, as a professor of mine used to say, “Nice doesn’t cut it. Only if people either love it or hate it have you truly touched a nerve.” It seems we have. And I’m glad we did. Together, I believe, we’ve made a little bit of difference.

So now Paralian is packing his bags to go underwater for a little while. Gliding stealthily amongst reef fish and predators like I used to – at one with myself and the world. I’ll be exploring new territory. The Red Sea is calling. Can’t wait to dive into its cerulean, invigorating depths!!!

5 thoughts on “Heading into Cerulean Blue

    1. liamklenk Post author

      Just back from blue skies and deep blue seas in Egypt. I’ll post some of my photographs on Instagram. Hope you are well, too! How is the writing going?

  1. solitaire285

    Hi Liam! Glad you had a wonderful time. Am struggling a bit with writing. At a stage that portrays the start of a downhill slide to along period of darkness. Getting there though.

    1. liamklenk Post author

      I know how you feel. It was hard for me too to live through all those memories again. Keep going. It’s all so worth it in the end. Just for yourself. Doesn’t even really matter if it ever becomes a book or sells or anything. Writing helped me so much in understanding myself better.


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