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My 1st Radio Interview Tonight!

Heading to London for an adventurous week of interviews, book promos, and – of course – the London Book Fair. TONIGHT, I’ve got my very first radio interview (ever) with Talk Radio London! Tune in from 6pm (BST – British Summer Time) to hear me discussing Paralian on “Drive Time” with Yasmeen Khan while hopefully not embarrassing myself too badly wink emoticon You can listen here:

Day 3 at LBF


Day 3 at #LBF was just as intimidating as day one. I tried approaching big publishing houses to get email addresses from them. I tried getting small publishing houses curious. And I ventured into a big hall filled entirely with literary agencies. There especially, the fair felt like an old-fashioned movie scene of the New York stock market, with frantic stock brokers hurrying to and fro. I gave up talking to any agents after the first three I approached looked at me as if I had just murdered their mother.
I did have some good experiences though. One receptionist handed me email addresses he shouldn’t have, a lady from the esteemed UK self-publishing hybrid Matador showed interest in my book, two publishers responded with “yes, we do accept unsolicited manuscripts”, and a lovely lady gave me invaluable tips.
Then, at around 3 p.m. my Pericardia flared up in earnest and I said goodbye to the book fair to get some rest.
The evening was spent with good old friends from the Maldives, enjoying their good company and a juicy steak at the river, in close proximity to Tower Bridge.
Overall, my three days in London have been far more adventurous than I had bargained for, but I persevered, made some connections and fell in love with this vibrant, beautiful city.
Now, I am off to the airport. Once back in Malta, I will start another wave of proposal letters to all the addresses I was able to acquire. As always, keep fingers crossed my dear friends xxx

At LBF… or not


The first day at #LBF was slightly intimidating. Frantic business activity all around me, everyone with a fully planned schedule… except little underdressed me who carried his dreams and heart on his sleeve.
Then, in the evening of this first day at my first-ever book show, my chest began to hurt as if thousands of little paper cuts were slicing into my heart. After a while I got scared enough to pack my bag and move from the hotel to the emergency room of Charing Cross hospital. The night and the entire second Book Fair day were thus spent undergoing countless tests, meeting cardiac specialists and swallowing pills in myriad shapes and colors.
Thankfully, my heart turns out to be just fine. Instead, due to several flus contracted in Malta’s cold, humid winter, the tissue surrounding my heart has become inflamed, which is essentially harmless and easy to treat but hurts like hell.
Just a few hours ago the doctors sent me on my way after handing me a bagful of anti-inflammatory drugs.
Tomorrow is another day and also the last day at LBF. Pain or not, I’ll be there!