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Paralian is Book of the Month

Paralian has been chosen by Bookbag.co.uk as one of their books of the month! Amazing!
I’m so honoured and, of course, immensely happy to see people are experiencing my book the way I hoped with all my heart they would.

You can click on the link below, or here is what the Bookbag team wrote:
“In non-fiction, Luke enthused about Paralian: Not Just Transgender by Liam Klenk . Paralian is an Ancient Greek word, meaning one who lives by the sea. Here, we follow the author’s journey through life, narrated by his relationship to water – the river he grew up near, the oceans he crosses, and the water that later becomes his place of work. Uplifting, enlightening and ever engaging, this is a life story filled with dramatic events and major life changes. Well written, with a relatable tone and easy flowing prose, what really shines through is the author’s attitude to life. No true life sob story here – this book follows a fascinating journey through life, gently educates on the subject of gender dysphoria, and, above all else, the author’s attitude and nature shine throughout, making it a hopeful and mood enhancing read.”

Paralian is just a click away…

2015 proofreading with pushka

Thanks so much for all the beautiful messages I am receiving lately! More and more people are getting in touch, asking, “Where can I order Paralian?” Let me answer this question here for all of you who can’t wait to get your own copy and dive into the story.

Paralian is available for pre-order in several online book stores. Official launch date is the 28th of May, 2016 – just 3 weeks from now.

Here are the most important links for ordering online:
My publisher’s page, Troubador
Amazon.co.uk (you can also go via com, de, or other countries of course)
Apple ibooks
Kobo: the ebook will be added on there at the end of May.

As we keep on writing enthusiastically, fluffy Pushka and I already wish you an unforgettable reading experience!!

Intensely Alive

2008 el nido to sabang

“Balanced on top of a pile of baggage, wind and dust whipping into our faces, we held on for dear life as our bus plummeted along rarely-traveled mountain roads and on through countless valleys. Never before had my ass had to endure such a continuous beating. Even low hanging branches and power lines became a threat. Every so often, we would warn each other to duck, just in time to avoid being garroted or beheaded. Every minute was worth it, though – and infinitely better than sitting in the sweltering bus, fighting for space with local school children and chickens.
All three of us endured the entire nine hours atop the bus. I felt intensely alive. I savored the moment, secretly hoping our trip would never end. It was one of the best journeys of my life.”

From Paralian, Chapter 26 – Philippine Sea, page 319

I am Liam


“As for the lingering psychological femininity, the successful surgeries had strengthened my resolve even further to embrace the person I had started out being. I would integrate my female side into the male adult I was becoming. I was Liam, and something inside my soul knew with absolute certainty he was who I had been all my life. More than ever, I was confident to not let my life be controlled by clichés and abstract societal constructs. I had just escaped one prison and saw no reason to voluntarily admit myself to the next one. I knew I was a man – not by anyone else’s standards but by my own.”

From Paralian, Chapter 10 – River Limmat, page 130

Great 1st Reading


Last week in London… I had the best audience I could wish for. Thanks so much to the Boston Consulting Group team for the warm welcome and genuine support! If this is how every book presentation will be then I want to give a whole flood of them 🙂

First Reader Comments and The Bookbag Review

Like a magic literary carpet, Paralian has traveled around the world and found its first one hundred readers. So far I am being showered with positive feedback. Many say, “I’m staying up ’till 2am each day ever since I started reading. Just can’t put it down.” (which really is the best compliment a writer could ever receive…)

Also Paralian has just been awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars by The Bookbag. Luke Marlowe has written a beautiful review. My favorite part: “Refreshing, enlightening, and a darn good read, Paralian covers difficult life situations with an optimism and grace that will surprise the coldest of readers, and as such is a read I can heartily recommend to all – I imagine, like me, you’ll come out of the book uplifted and positive by the read.”

Have a click here to see Luke’s entire review!

Here some more reactions I received so far (My dear enthusiastic reader, if yours is amongst these, I hope you don’t mind. You made my day… no, my entire year!)

“My God! What a story…!!!  My God….”

“I have spent the last two weekends absolutely engrossed! Yours is a life of adventure, endurance, persistence, optimism, beauty, love and inspiration. These are the key messages that flow through, despite the very real challenges and difficulties that you have had to navigate, and I love that.”

“Had a quick read of three or four chapters and wow………………..well done sir ! To say that it’s not easy to write a book of this magnitude must be the understatement of the year.”

“I collected the book from my post office this morning and started reading it on the ferry on way to work…. CANNOT PUT IT DOWN NOW! What a FANTASTIC read.

It is a very special book written by a very special person. When I started reading it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Not just because of your writing, but because I know the journey you have taken getting to this point.”

“….. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!”

Thank you to all! xoxoxo

Paralian is launching on May 28, 2016! It is open for pre-order on Amazon, Troubador, Waterstones, WHSmith, and the Apple ibooks store.

London and Hogwarts

2016 liam in potterland

When my wife and I arrived in London one week ago, we hit the ground running. As soon as we touched down, we sprinted to the studios of Talk Radio London for my first radio interview ever.
I was all nerves but adapted quickly.

We then spent a lovely weekend with old friends, exploring corners off the beaten track and feasting on international delicacies until we felt close to bursting.

On Monday, the 11th, I attended a workshop from The Author School. The day was a fireworks of great advice, inspiration, and an abundance of good-humoured conversation with fellow authors.

This was followed by a marvellous second radio interview on Tuesday – this time with BBC Radio Ulster. Unfortunately not all parts of the pre-recorded interview were aired on the Arts Show that same evening. Marie-Louise Muir quoted some wonderful passages from Paralian. But even though what she said was in effect far better than my comments, the studio decided to keep my input rather than hers. I’m honoured, yet I do regret our listeners not having a chance to listen to Marie-Louise’s smart and compassionate insights as well.

My short visit to London Book Fair convinced me of letting it go for this year. Instead of exhausting myself while facing rejection after rejection, I opted for the joy of the moment and for living life to the fullest. So my spirited soul mate and I ventured into the creative land of MUSE. Their concert at the Millennium Dome rejuvenated and energised us to a point where we still find ourselves humming “they will not control us, we will be victorious” five days later.

Other discoveries proved to be just as enchanting: The land of Vietnamese pho in London’s Chinatown. And a trip through the land of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. studios. J.K. Rowling’s quote “No story lives unless someone wants to listen” in the tour entry hall made my heart skip a beat and set my pulse to a marathon runner’s speed. Thus engaged, the love and detail that went into every element of bringing Rowling’s Potter books to the big screen touched every fibre of my being. Especially standing in front of this 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts Castle gave me several lifetimes’ worth of energy to keep following my dreams.

Then, on Thursday, BCG London opened their doors for me to present Paralian. I am still touched by the warm welcome my wife and I received and by their genuine support. If this is how every book reading will be then I want to give thousands of them.

On Friday, sadly, it was time to leave.

What an unforgettable, successful first week of book promotion though. A week of happiness and content – professionally as well as personally. I am looking forward to heading back to my ‘United Kingdom of Literary Adventures’ beginning of June!

Paralian will be launching on May 28, 2016. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, Apple ibooks store, and Troubador.