Cat Hairs and Words

2015 liam proofreading with cats

The last two weeks have been very busy for my two cats and me. Each day after my day job, we worked hard on proofreading ‘Paralian’ together one final time. While Pushka, the Persian, distributed as many hairs to my manuscript as she could, I marked the odd spelling mistake in red, trying to get through at least thirty pages each day.
Every now and then, nearing midnight, Nacho would climb down from his high perch on the cat tree. He would plant his little ginger butt firmly on the manuscript, as if to say, “Time to relax. You’ve worked enough for one day.”
As of yesterday, 450 pages plus 1’000 cat hairs are on their way to my publisher in the UK.
As soon as the production team have made all final corrections, printing will commence!

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