You’re Not Alone!


At the moment I am sharing this story on Bored Panda to reach as many people as possible – with your help. Can you please share this link, and also go on the page and give it an “up” vote?

We got about 3’000k views so far and many good responses. I’ve received emails from people with all kinds of backgrounds, including trans people and parents of trans kids. I was touched to hear their personal stories and they told me my post helped them during a difficult time and gave them hope. So I hope we’ll be able to reach out even further.

Thanks so much for all of your support already! Truly couldn’t do it without all of you xxx

2 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone!

  1. solitaire285

    Will give it a go Liam. Currently I am treading on eggshells. Have been putting my own story out in blog form as solitaire285,that is on wordpress. It is emotionally gut wrenching. However, I want others to realise that however bad the situation they can come through it.

  2. liamklenk Post author

    Dear Solitaire, I can understand you so well. Most of my life has been a bit like that. I do believe we need to come forward though. Especially when we find our way, to give others the hope that they too will be fine in the long run! Come find me on FB if you want and we can hook up there as well. All the best for your writings and don’t stress yourself. It took me until I was 45 to reach a point where I was truly ready to reach out. xx


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