International author backs Kent transgender student

Thank you Sean McPolin. I’m glad Lily won this battle. There’ll be many more to come. Some to do with her being trans, others just because challenging us is what life does…
Makes me think of a quote I read the other day, “You’re gonna be happy'” said life, “but first I’ll make you strong.”
All the best to Lily and all of you out there on a quest to come home to yourself. Follow your heart and don’t ever give up.

Sean McPolin

An international author is supporting a Kent transgender student who threatened to sue her school.

Liam Klenk, 45, from Switzerland has offered his support to 18-year-old Lily Madigan, Chatham, after she threatened legal action against a Catholic academy, regarding their policies on transgender students.

Mr Klenk, born female, understood the difficulties Lily has faced at school, and struggles she will face in life.

liam-kLiam Klenk, born Stefanie, lived in Germany as a child.

He said: “Gender dysphoria is not a joke. I myself was struggling with it for many years until I finally transitioned from Stefanie to Liam when I was twenty-three years old.

“A weight as unbearably heavy as the Himalayan mountain range resting on my shoulders finally, amazingly, gave way to the weight of a feather the moment I took steps towards letting myself be the real me.”

The former scuba-diving instructor’s book – “Paralian – Not Just Transgender”

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2 thoughts on “International author backs Kent transgender student

  1. solitaire 285

    Well done Liam. It is surprising to see how much prejudice still abounds here in the UK. It is unfortunately deep rooted in the English psyche. Change is often seen as a threat. Often individual.people and institutions refuse to accept that we are supposed to be an enlightened people, a nation that embraces one and all, accepting them as they are. Sadly that is not the case. Biased opinions and prejudices are still rife.

    1. liamklenk Post author

      Yes they are. To be fair though, they are in most places. Even incredibly liberal places like Sweden and Canada have their share of prejudiced groups and institutions… great thing is though, once Lily stood up to them and there was a little bit of press coverage the school apologised to her and is taking steps to really include trans youth. I am so happy to hear that. One can only hope all conservative schools will be able to rethink their approach. In the end it’s all about the kids being happy and growing up with a healthy self confidence, knowing it’s ok to be exactly who they are.


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