Sparks and Dreams

2017 liam on a train

Ever since I began writing Paralian four years ago, my childhood dreams have come alive again. A storyteller is what I always wanted to be. I’ve longed to write and publish books for as long as I can remember.

Since I began doing just that, finding enough money and time to keep on writing has been a tight wire act. What day job should I take so I don’t get too disenchanted, too disillusioned about life? How can I commute with thousands of others every day, whilst at the same time remaining inspired, creative sparks lighting up my horizon like millions of fireflies on a warm summer’s night? How far can I reduce working hours to keep on writing but still be ok and provide for my family? Do I need to worry about being almost fifty years old, with no savings and no real life plan to speak of?

Mostly, I am following my gut. It is telling me, at this point I need not be concerned with financial success. It is telling me to ignore my age and live life to the fullest. I have a supportive partner who loves me no matter what and believes in me. This alone makes me wake up with a smile every single day and gives me strength. I need to keep up the momentum. No one who has played it safe has ever gotten anywhere. Being dedicated, focused, and trusting the process is essential. Working hard and never giving up on my dream will in the end make me happier than any material wealth ever could.

Paralian is a first book I can be proud of. I tapped into something magical while writing it. If I just keep going, I will be able to create a few more books over the years. Maybe, at some point, those books will even be sold in actual book stores with posters saying “coming soon” and people asking for the latest “Klenk”, then heading to a quiet corner to immerse themselves for a couple of hours. Maybe, some of them will even be unable to stop and read through the night, just to see what happens next.

Imagine that…

4 thoughts on “Sparks and Dreams

  1. solitaire 285

    Oh my Liam, age wise, in comparison to me, you are still a youngster yet. If the desire in you to write is strong. keep a notepad and pencil with you at all times. Jot down those moments when something comes to you. . Pursue those dreams, those desires.

    1. liamklenk Post author

      i am, always 🙂 i’ve followed my heart all my life. thus i am rich in experiences but most of the time completely broke. currently always striking the balance of working enough to make ends meet while at the same time finding enough time to keep on writing. my 2nd book is coming along, albeit slower than planned 🙂 no matter what age, we need to keep those dreams alive and pursue them, don’t we? much love to you Dawn x

  2. solitaire 285

    As a pensioner Liam, possibly I may be considered a radical wrinkly, aging with attitude. Am now sea swimming with a group of of elder folk.


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