Being Grateful


Lately, life has run away with me a bit. Too many things happening all at once… some of them rather surprising and turbulent. Yet again, I was reminded to never be sure of anything. Everything can change in a heartbeat. We can lose and gain all we hold dear from one second to the next. I guess, the universe felt it had to shake me awake a bit, “Hey little bi-ped, don’t get too self-assured, don’t take things for granted. I’m am lending you some moments of happiness. Enjoy them while they last.” So I am trying to do just that. A friend of mine said a while ago, he copes with life by being grateful for everything. He is grateful for all the good that comes to him. But he is also grateful for all the blows life deals out, because they, too, teach him, and shape him into a unique, continuously growing human being… and he uses whatever cards life has in store for him to nurture his creativity and be productive.
I am indeed grateful for many things. I’m grateful for all the love and friendship I’ve been lucky to experience so far. I’m grateful for comical moments like these, when our little boy Nacho stubbornly stares me down at breakfast in hopes of getting that little piece of croissant. I am grateful and I am hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Being Grateful

  1. solitaire 285

    Often we take things for granted and life goes on and we are contented and then something comes long and upsets that equilibrium and we grumble and moan at life’s unfairness. Sometimes though we need a little shaking up. As a walker I delight in seeing far horizons and sunny days.There are days though of storm and turbulence, when the hood of my waterproofs are cinched tight. My vision is limited and my eyes focused only what is immediately close to me and I discover new things, flower and fauna I may have otherwise overlooked, patterns in rocks, the colour of certain stones. It is a learning curve, one can moan and grumble at the bad weather or get out there, discover new things and be grateful.
    My wordiology is perhaps is not as it ought to be Liam but yes, I agree with you, let us be grateful for the little things in life.

    1. liamklenk Post author

      Dawn, your wording is perfect. Eloquently and poetically put. And you are so right. One can moan and grumble at the bad weather or get out there, feel the rain, and discover all kinds of wonderful things and moments.
      I have to admit I am working on it. Depending on daily form, I feel rather depressed and am prone to moaning. But overall I always aim to look ahead and see the stars in the darkness x


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