Just As You Are


Lots has been said already about a certain orange-faced individual winning the presidency. I was shocked over here in Europe when waking up to the sad news. Terrified really and worried out of my mind for all of us. The only question was what to get worried about first… human rights issues, environmental concerns, international politics…

As a trans man who has lived and traveled all over the world (including the US), I am especially worried about my trans peers. Mainly trans kids, teenagers and all those who are just now thinking of transitioning or are in the middle of it.
There is unfortunately not much I can do for you from afar. I wish I had the resources to drop everything and just come over and be there for all of you in person. Since I can’t though, let me just leave you with this: It might sound like a cliche… but… you are truly not alone!

You don’t need to be ashamed for anything. There is nothing wrong with you. You didn’t choose to be transgender. You were born this way. None of this is your fault. And there is nothing wrong with being trans, either. We exist. We always have. And we always will. The world is the better for it. Diversity is a beautiful thing. Hopefully, one day we’ll be mature enough as a people to hold that thought, cherish it, and live it to our heart’s content.

If you feel threatened and terrified right now, please reach out. Help groups are all over the place. Other trans individuals are everywhere. Also don’t forget, there are many out there who actually do have common sense, decency, and compassion. Many people will accept you just as you are.
Forget about pronouns, passing, politics, and all that stuff for a moment. The only thing that really matters is to know you are beautiful just as you are. You are you and you have every right to be. Love yourself, look after yourself, and seek to find like-minded spirits who will embrace you in your entirety.
Trump or not, there’s always going to be small-minded morons. Thankfully it’s a big planet and you WILL have the privilege to meet many inspiring, amazing human beings.

I am here for you, too. I do have a few thoughts to share based on personal experience and I’m a good listener. I transitioned almost 25 years ago and I’m immensely happy in my own skin. I live my life the way I want, adventurous at times, less adventurous at other times. I will not be limited due to my personal history. I am proud to be trans but I am also not just trans. Like all of us, I am the sum of my experiences. In the end it is all about being human and rising to the occasion.

One more time, because it is so important: please know you’re not alone! As a matter of fact if there is no one in your closer vicinity you feel safe talking to, don’t be shy and PM me anytime. Be safe. Celebrate your individuality. Don’t ever give up no matter how dreary the situation might look just now. There’s always a way.

“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” Jules Renard

Yes, there are! And we will get through everything!

8 thoughts on “Just As You Are

  1. solitaire285

    Well said Liam, as individuals here in Europe maybe we cannot do much. However, we can reach out, offer encouragement, we are willing to listen, to encourage, to share, we are with you in spirit, always willing to support in any way possible.

  2. solitaire285

    Liam, these matters concern me greatly, we cannot allow things to revert back to the not so distant past when being gay, trans or anything else that society disapproved of, was considered a mental illness and a punishable offence. Having societal problems and having to deal with Parkinson’s, means crowds and such are things I avoid. However, if push comes to shove then we must show our support and unity by any means possible. If it comes to protest rallies, as difficult as it may be, I will be there.

    1. liamklenk Post author

      you are a beautiful, inspiring person (which reminds me, we’ve chatted so much but I dont know your name?) you are totally right. and i am gravely concerned. all these news trickling in of people getting attacked because now all of a sudden it’s officially santioned (or at least that’s what they think). me too, i’ll go on the street and protest if it helps.
      more important i’d love to go over to the US and speak out. i mean literally try to get speaking engagements and openly address all this. unfortunately i dont have the means to take a break and travel that far. i sincerely hope though i’ll be able to be more flexible in the future. i’d love to go to schools in the US to talk with young people and let them know how important respect for each other, diversity, and equality are for all of them

      1. solitaire285

        Hi Liam, guess I have been hiding in the shadows a wee bit. My name is Dawn. If things turn bad in the US, Then all of us must come together in a common unity, our voices must be heard across the globe. Making it clear we are standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in the US.

      2. liamklenk Post author

        Hi there 🙂 sorry, didn’t want to coax you out. Just nice to know each other’s names. I am so with you. We need to stand up for human rights. There have been enough horrible things happening in world history. There still is more happening every day. But if we can just make a tiny bit of difference then maybe things will get better, albeit very slowly xx

  3. solitaire285

    No problem Liam. Up until the mid seventies being gay, trans, bi and such was regarded as a mental illness. People where subject to awful treatment because of their gender and sexual orientation. We must not allow the regeneration of those attitudes. Dawn.

    1. liamklenk Post author

      i always get so sick when i watch documentaries or movies about that time… so many beautiful minds and hearts destroyed. human beings can be wonderful and at the same time horrifying…


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