The Life Of A Show Diver: Part 1

show diver life

Once you have worked underwater, you’re forever changed. It never lets you go. Every day, every minute, I am longing to dive again, to immerse myself, to ride exhilarating currents, to marvel at the beauty of underwater existence.
After working for many years as an instructor and guide in the Indian Ocean, I came to work in an entirely different environment: In ‘The House of Dancing Water’ in Macau. It was magic of a different kind, yet just as breathtakingly beautiful. In my latest article for TheatreArtLife I am giving you a first glimpse of what it was like to work there as a show diver…

3 thoughts on “The Life Of A Show Diver: Part 1

    1. liamklenk Post author

      It was one of the most intense life experiences I could ever imagine Dawn. But I am not the awesome one. The show is. We were all little cogs on little wheels that all together created magic.

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